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Maria and Lucia

Hi guys! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I’m sure you’re already familiar with my newest dolls: Maria and Lucia.


These dolls are inspired by the Mexican dresses and culture. I love the color combo, and how the bright neon colors make a beautiful contrast with the black and white dresses.

Maria is the doll in the white dress, and Lucia is the one in the black dress. Maria and Lucia are two of my favorite hispanic names (along with Sofia!) and I knew these names would fit for these dolls and their sweet personalities.


The thought process for these dolls was pretty simple: I wanted to make two cute dolls inspired by the Mexican culture, with long dresses and flowers on the head (or dress). The creation and designing of the dolls was a little more difficult, more than anything because I needed to match the hair and skin color, dress color and contrasting neon colors in the doll.


Maria and Lucia are about 11″ (28 cm.) tall when using DK weight yarn and a 3.00 mm. crochet hook. Lucia is worked using cotton yarn and Maria using acrylic yarn. I wanted to see the difference between both materials in these dolls, and I really love how both turned out, either using cotton or acrylic.


These dolls were originally going to have two hair buns instead of one, but then I decided to change to two braids and finally chose to make one hair bun for each doll. The flowers on the head were supposed to be like in a headband, one followed by the other, but I made a random arrangement (as the one you see in the pictures) and I LOVED the way it looked! I added blush to the cheeks and I think these would look cute with embroidered eyelashes too.


The crochet pattern to make these dolls has 13 pages with 70+ photos, is available in English and Spanish and is now on the Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy and sites! If you make your own doll don’t forget to use the hashtag #bunniesandyarn on Facebook and Instagram so I can see your finished dolls.

Happy crocheting!

michelle_Mesa de trabajo 1





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